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    PU Coating Screen




    PU Coating Screen is a high open area side-tensioned polyurethane system designed to

    advantage of the open area benefits of wire cloth and the abrasion resistance of open cast polyurethanes.

    PU Coating Screen is designed to offer much higher throughput to typical modular polymer screens, and installs easily like conventional side-tensioned wire cloth with no deck modifications required. Premium polyurethanes offer longer wear life in abrasive applications, and thus less downtime required for frequent screen change outs. Armor™ screens are also excellent for noise reduction, where the application requires it, versus wire cloth.

    PU Coating Screen: A combination of premium wire cloth with molded polyurethane

    coating. They are designed to provide a higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens and far longer wear life than conventional wire cloth screens that are used in medium load applications with highly abrasive wear. They are also designed to provide high throughput, reduced plugging and reduced noise.

    PU Coating Screen refer to Armor Screen or RhinoWire™ Hook Screens

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