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    High Frequency PU Fine Screen Mesh



    High Frequency Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh

    Screening is the process of separating particles by size and fine screening

    typically refers to separations in the range of 10 mm to 38 microns (400 mesh). In fine wet screening, fine screen surfaces is the master key of stack sizer screening machines, which will directly affect the separation efficiency and screening performance. We designs and manufactures fine mesh, wear-resistant urethane screen panels for fine screening separation. Our urethane screen panels offer high open area and anti-blinding properties with performance that conventional woven wire screen cannot compare with.

    PU Screen Specifications

    Screen Size: 1040x700mm

    Available with openings as fine as 0.075

    Normal Service Life: 6-12 months

    Material: Polyurethane Material

    For High Frequency Vibrating Screen – Stack Sizer


    High opening area of 32% – 42%

    One-piece molding with fiber-reinforced technic prevents it from cracking increases the tensile strength and service life of mesh screen

    Anti-blinding taper-shaped aperture design enhances screening performance and efficiency

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